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Continuing to Promote your Local Government App after Launch

Launching the app is just the first step. To truly realize the app's benefits, it's essential to continue promoting it to citizens over time. We'll explore the importance of ongoing promotion for a local government app and provide some tips on how to do it effectively.

Marketing Resources to promote your new municipality mobile app

A mobile app can only be effective if citizens are downloading and using it. GOGov offers a variety of best practices and templates to help municipalities get started with promotion and marketing.

Promoting your local municipality app to senior citizens

Promoting a municipality app to senior citizens can differ from promoting it to other demographic groups. App promotion is a critical piece of the process for getting a mobile app and promoting it to you citizens. But often, once the app is launched, muncipalaites forget to actually market the app to its citizens.

How can a municipality promote its new mobile app to its citizens?

A municipality promoting its mobile app can help to increase engagement and accessibility for residents. The app can provide easy access to critical information and services, such as event schedules, news updates, and submitting service requests.

Promote your New Citizen Engagement App

Mobile apps are designed to increase efficiency and improve citizen engagement but will ultimately struggle to succeed if your citizens are unaware of it. This means it is critical to promote your app to your citizens...