Barstow, CA

Code Enforcement

"The program is easy to learn and it makes my job as a code enforcement officer – EASY! I would be at a loss without it."
Mary Willbond
Code Compliance Supervisor‍

"In October of 2007, the Code Enforcement Department was introduced to GOGov.  Prior to this installation, we were a pen to paper department; which involved endless amounts of hand-writing and documentation storage for each and every case created by our dept.  In addition, searching was tedious as we flipped through files/notes to glean background information on any given case.  Retention was taking over the space in our cramped offices.

After a one-day training with staff from GOGov, we were up and running to navigate a system that retained our information; offered swift research on any given address; kept history on a site all in one place; reduced our need to store an endless amount of files and afforded us the opportunity to be mobile in the field with all of our cases before us available through the access of a lap top.  This database has been a game changer for our department.  We have “bragged” so much about its functionality that other departments have finally caught on and joined us – using this very program to document their notes and activities on any given parcel.  

History created since October 2007 is easily searchable for all public records and doesn’t require us to pull a ton of files and flip through words in hopes of finding what is being asked.  We simple search the address, select what is requested and PRINT!  

The program is easy to learn and use and I am quite sure I still don’t know, after all this time, all of the exact features it offers – but what I do know – is it makes my job as a code enforcement officer – EASY!  I would be at a loss without it.

Thank you – oh – and one other thing – GOGov staff replies swiftly to all concerns/questions "

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