There's a new, easy way to report issues and request services in Camden

Camden residents have a new way to request service or report issues in their neighborhoods, like potholes and water main breaks.

The city has launched a citizen engagement app Connect Camden SC.

"For example, you get home from work, you notice there is a pothole on your street. It's 5:30-5:45 at night, and city hall is closed. You can't call it in," said Main Street Manager Katherine Spadacenta. "The GOGov app or the Connect Camden App can give you the opportunity to submit your request any time of day."

"Most of these requests have a 10 business day period of time in which they are to be completed," Spadacenta said. "City staff is assigned to particular topics and those city staff will communicate with the citizen on the request has been submitted."

"I will say this app is not designed for emergency service requests," she adds.

The app can be used by anyone even living outside city limits. So, if you are passing by and see something you'd like to report, you can.

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