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Hear from fellow local municipalities around the country using GOGov to make government simple for citizens, staff and elected officials!
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Customer Story
Palm Desert, CA

"When I say GOGov staff is hands-on, and listens to the client’s needs and demands – You can count on that statement! The support team worked with our Division in setting up our software, and to handle the data conversion from the previous software into GOGov."

Customer Story
Cypress, CA

"I have been using GOGov for over a year and a half, and so far I am very satisfied with its performance for managing Code Enforcement cases in the City of Cypress."

Customer Story
West Covina, CA

"Throughout my career, I have used many types of code enforcement software programs but cannot recommend anyone higher than GOGov. Their software expertise has made a tremendous impact on the success of our Code Enforcement Division."

Customer Story
Barstow, CA

"The program is easy to learn and use and I am quite sure I still don’t know, after all this time, all of the exact features it offers – but what I do know – is it makes my job as a code enforcement officer – EASY! I would be at a loss without it."