Citizen Notifications

GOGov Citizen Notifications is software that makes government simple for citizens, staff & elected officials.

Remove communication obstacles between your citizens, staff, and leaders. Citizen Notifications from GOGov makes it easy for your team to engage citizens across multiple channels.
branded mobile app
One place to access all notifications and important information directly from your local municipality.
Subscription Lists
Citizens can subscribe to the types of notifications that they want to receive.
Send Targeted Content
Setup subscription groups which allows citizens to subscribe to content that is important to them.
Message Editor
Create detailed and stylish communications with our user-friendly editor by including pictures, formatting and links to videos, documents or other content.
multi channel communication
Push content to all important channels such as Email, Mobile, Twitter, Facebook and Website.

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Hundreds of Agencies Trust GOGov

All Your Communication Needs in One Spot

Keep citizens informed with a trusted source of alerts, notifications, and events. Easily push your critical content to all of your important channels such as Email, Mobile, Twitter, Facebook, and Website. 
Road Closure

Inform all your citizens about road closures from construction or disaster.


Promote local events and important meetings to your citizens.

Storm Warnings

Share critical storm warnings and advisors in advance of the storm.

Boil Water Advisory

Alert your your citizens about crucial advisories impacting your area.

Emergency Alerts

Communicate emergency alerts to all your citizens with ease.

School Closings

Share important information regarding school closings with specific districts.

"As a longtime customer, we are still very happy with the flexibility and features GOGov offers us with their CRM. And most notably, the support we receive is always quick, professional, and attentive to our specific needs"

Frankie Rios

"Accountability from our employees has improved with GOGov compared to our previous CRM provider. With the ability to contact residents directly on the platform, our employees are more efficient in resolving service requests than before."

Paolo Beltran

"Using GOGov has provided us the opportunity to do the work that matters rather than spending all day researching owners and handwriting violations.  Now that we have been using the program for a few years we have seen a decrease in blighted properties and the consistency and accuracy has increased our success rate in court.

Lyle Huffman

"I actually have used their Code Enforcement software for multiple jurisdictions, and I absolutely love it. I use my mobile hotspot and laptop in the field to document cases, and to upload photos to the cases via my cellphone web browser, then I update everything on my laptop in my truck."

Christopher Pratt