Code Enforcement Software

Complete case management specifically designed for code enforcement officers to streamline the process so you can handle more cases in less time.
STAff and officers:

Report Issues

Inspection Notes & Actions
Work your case from start to finish in one convenient location.  Inspections, phone calls, notices, letters and every interaction can be easily logged and tracked. Plus, upload of unlimited attachments, photos & videos.
Automatic Property & Owner Lookup
Automatically lookup parcel and owner information along with any previous case history for the address, including important safety alerts.
letter generation
Generate Letters & Printouts
Create letters, notices & citations from templates in a single click and choose to copy any contact listed on the case. Print letters in the field or leave in a queue for batch printing later in the office.
Prioritize & Plan
Visualize cases on a map for spotting trends and planning your day. Equip your staff with tablets or laptops & watch production rise as officers add photos, voice dictate inspection notes & generate letters in the field.  Stay on track using reminders & follow up dates for reinspection.
Fees & Payments
Fees & payments can be tracked on each case and then reported on to see how much money is being collected for a specified period. Collection reports give a clear picture of balances due.


Violations Resolved


Letters Sent

"When I say GOGov staff is hands-on, and listens to the client’s needs and demands – You can count on that statement! The support team worked with our Division in setting up our software, and to handle the data conversion from the previous software into GOGov."

Lorena Ritchey
City of Palm Desert, CA

"The team at GOGov helped us design, test, and deploy a branded Mobile App for the City of Oregon City. Our staff are getting better details from citizens, our citizens appreciate the tool, and as an Administrator, I am very pleased with GOGov’s support!"

Erik Hopwood
City of Oregon City, OR

"I actually have used their Code Enforcement software for multiple jurisdictions, and I absolutely love it. I use my mobile hotspot and laptop in the field to document cases, and to upload photos to the cases via my phone and work form my truck."

Christopher Pratt

"When I began working for the City of Zumbrota in 2019, we were lacking a quick and efficient way to get urgent information to our residents. GOGov has filled that void for us! Plus the team at GOGov have been exceptional to work!"

Miranda Raasch
City of Zumbrota, MN

"Throughout my career I have used many types of code enforcement software programs but cannot recommend anyone higher than GOGov. Their  software expertise has made a tremendous impact on the success of our Code Enforcement Division."

Milan M. Mrakich
City of West Covina, CA

"Using GOGov has provided us the opportunity to do the work that matters rather than spending all day researching owners and handwriting violations.  After using the program for a few years we have seen a decrease in blighted properties and the consistency and accuracy has increased our success rate in court.

Lyle Huffman

"As a longtime customer, we are still very happy with the flexibility and features GOGov offers us with their CRM. And most notably, the support we receive is always quick, professional, and attentive to our specific needs"

Frankie Rios

"The Town of Benson needed a way to connect with their citizens that allowed for two-way communication and GoGov has made that happen!    GoGov was a simple implementation and very easy to navigate through!”

Kim Pickett
Town of Benson, NC

"Accountability from our employees has improved with GOGov compared to our previous CRM provider. With the ability to contact residents directly on the platform, our employees are more efficient in resolving service requests than before."

Paolo Beltran

Manage with Confidence

View Team’s Cases & Overdue Tasks
Dashboards & filters allow managers to view all cases for their department.  Ensure no one falls behind by tracking overdue tasks & due dates.
Annual Inspection Programs
Automate annual programs such as rental inspections, weed abatement & cannabis compliance. Cases are automatically created and assigned based on annual schedules.  Cases can include auto generated letters & fees.
Rules & Workflow
Your process is your process for a reason.  We use rules & workflows to bend the software the way that you want to operate, not the other way around.  Automate repetitious actions, create custom notifications, schedule tasks & more!
Leverage powerful reporting tools to view metrics on everything from officer performance to daily inspection reports; even plot reports on a map to provide visual context to decision makers

Code Enforcement Made Simple

GOGov Code Enforcement is software that makes government simple for citizens, staff & elected officials.

Watch our video to learn how you can streamline your processes so you can handle more cases... in under 2 minutes.
Our vast integration library enables you to connect all your backend systems, ensuring you have your data where you need it most.
GOGov Code Enforcement

Report Issues

branded mobile app
Mobile App & Web Portal
The fully integrated mobile app and web portal allows citizens to submit complaints related to code enforcement topics, either with contact information or anonymously
Automatic Case Creation & Linking
Eliminate redundant data entry.  As citizen complaints are received, cases can be automatically created, copying over vital information to get your case started.  Complaint details, photos and complainant contact information are all automatically added to the case.
Automated Citizen Updates
Keep the complainant up to date by triggering real time push notifications and alerts based on case status. Customizable email templates allow for targeted messages based on the situation.
Hundreds of Agencies Trust GOGov

More Than Code Enforcement...

GOGov Code Enforcement is an innovative and easy-to-use solution for managing all kinds of cases and inspections.
Business Inspections

Manage your enrollment of businesses and annual activities such as notifications, inspections, fees and payments.

Rental Inspections

Identify suspected rental properties and manage all letters and annual inspections to enforce proper rental compliance.

Fire Inspections

Ensure all your commercial properties are in compliance with fire codes by setting up annual inspections, notices and more.

Health Inspections

Manage your routine health inspections and reminders while sending letters and notices that can even calculate a health score.

COVID Compliance

Manage community & commercial cooperation for social distancing guidelines and violations.

Weed Abatement

Annual weed abatement inspections become a breeze with automated case and letter generation.

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