Citizen Request Management (CRM)

Your all-in-one CRM, 311, helpdesk and Citizen Engagement software to help improve citizen satisfaction and run your organization more effectively.

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branded mobile app
Make your name synonymous with great customer service. Report issues or view important agency information all in one convenient location.
Service Portal
Allow for easy request submission & 24/7 access to services and information through the fully searchable knowledge base.
Track and Progress Messages
Citizens can check the status of their issues at their convenience. Real time push notifications & alerts proactively keep them up to date as their issues are resolved.


Issues Resolved


Citizens Engaged

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Work Smarter

Manage & Route Requests
Requests are automatically routed to the correct department & staff for resolution. Visualize all issues on a map for day planning and trend spotting.
Assign & Track Work
Work crews can access their assignments in the field, update their progress, as well as track labor & material costs.
Our vast integration library enables you to provide a single front door for citizens while connecting all your backend systems.

Government Made Simple

GOGov Citizen Request Management is software that makes government simple for citizens, staff & elected officials.

Watch our video to learn how we can help make government simple and offer a modern digital experience to connect directly to your citizens... in under 90 seconds.

Manage with Confidence

Escalations & SLA's
Define SLA’s to ensure that standards are being met by your staff. If they are not, escalations can alert management, allowing their attention to be focused where its needed most.
Citizen request data is a powerful resource for decision makers. Measure a single department or agency wide, elected officials will be stunned with the amount of detail you can provide about their district!
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Collect valuable feedback that citizens give about their experience. Surveys can be automatically sent following issue resolution to allow citizens to rate their experience.
View your Departments Tickets
Dashboards & filters allow department managers to view all issues submitted for their department.

Join the hundreds of municipalities around country building better communities by connecting citizens and government.

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"As a longtime customer, we are still very happy with the flexibility and features GOGov offers us with their CRM. And most notably, the support we receive is always quick, professional, and attentive to our specific needs"

Frankie Rios

"Accountability from our employees has improved with GOGov compared to our previous CRM provider. With the ability to contact residents directly on the platform, our employees are more efficient in resolving service requests than before."

Paolo Beltran

"Using GOGov has provided us the opportunity to do the work that matters rather than spending all day researching owners and handwriting violations.  Now that we have been using the program for a few years we have seen a decrease in blighted properties and the consistency and accuracy has increased our success rate in court.

Lyle Huffman

"I actually have used their Code Enforcement software for multiple jurisdictions, and I absolutely love it. I use my mobile hotspot and laptop in the field to document cases, and to upload photos to the cases via my cellphone web browser, then I update everything on my laptop in my truck."

Christopher Pratt

Truly Flexible CRM that bends to your needs!

More than just potholes, GOGov CRM is an intelligent, user friendly solution for managing all of your agency service requests!
Street Repairs

Manage all your citizen complaints for potholes, sidewalk and street sign repairs by assigning work orders to field crews.

Code Enforcement

Complaints like graffiti, abandoned vehicles, tall grass and weeds can easily be reported and send to Code Enforcement.

Facilities Management

Use Internal requests and schedule recurring tickets to help manage your facilities.

Public Record Requests

Keep up with open records laws by tracking FOIA, OPRA and other public record requests from citizens.

IT Ticketing

Internal topics allow IT helpdesks to manage their backlog of tickets and manage issues to resolution.


Basic helpdesks or even full 311 call centers for citizens will find our software helpful in finding answers and handling inbound calls.

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