Branded Mobile App

Provide your citizens with unrivaled access to agency staff
and services right at their fingertips!

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Included with CRM and Citizen Notifications
Every Citizen Request Management (CRM) or Citizen Notification Solution includes a branded mobile app for free at no additional cost.
branded mobile app
Branded Mobile App
Make your name synonymous with great customer service. Report issues or view important agency information all in one convenient location.
Mobile Applets
Specific buttons/functions available to the citizen inside of the app, allowing you to provide more utility than simply submitting a request.
Available to everyone
This app is available via both iOS and Android. Agencies can create a unique name and logo that captures their goals and resonates with citizens.
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More than just submitting requests!

With citizens having such a variety of apps at their disposal, GOGov wants to help your agency provide the most value possible to those citizens who choose to download and use your mobile app!

In order to do this, GOGov has created a variety of applets, which are specific buttons/functions available to the citizen inside of the app. Below are just a few examples:

Elected Officials
Citizens no longer need to search through your website to find the names and information of their elected officials and message them.
Places List
Highlight parks, hospitals, administrative and court buildings and any other key locations or group them in various categories.
Phone Lists
Create one list or group multiple lists of important phone numbers and their related names.
Give citizens the ability to subscribe to categories and topics of information so that they can receive updated news and events
Non-native Apps
Take any useful, mobile friendly content that might reside on your agency website and make it easily visible and accessible via its own applet.


Issues Resolved


Citizens Engaged

"As a longtime customer, we are still very happy with the flexibility and features GOGov offers us with their CRM. And most notably, the support we receive is always quick, professional, and attentive to our specific needs"

Frankie Rios

"Accountability from our employees has improved with GOGov compared to our previous CRM provider. With the ability to contact residents directly on the platform, our employees are more efficient in resolving service requests than before."

Paolo Beltran

"Using GOGov has provided us the opportunity to do the work that matters rather than spending all day researching owners and handwriting violations.  Now that we have been using the program for a few years we have seen a decrease in blighted properties and the consistency and accuracy has increased our success rate in court.

Lyle Huffman

"I actually have used their Code Enforcement software for multiple jurisdictions, and I absolutely love it. I use my mobile hotspot and laptop in the field to document cases, and to upload photos to the cases via my cellphone web browser, then I update everything on my laptop in my truck."

Christopher Pratt

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