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Library departments play a vital role in fostering community education, literacy, and cultural enrichment. They provide access to a vast array of resources, from books and digital media to community programs and events. Effective communication and efficient management are crucial for libraries to serve their communities better.

Common Challenges for Facility Departments

Ensuring Timely Communication About Facility Updates and Disruptions:
Without a reliable communication system, internal and external updates can be overlooked, causing confusion and inconvenience for employees and visitors
Facilities departments often need to notify staff and users about ongoing renovations, temporary closures, or construction work. Without a reliable communication system, these updates can be overlooked, causing confusion and inconvenience for employees and visitors.

Coming Soon! GOGov’s Notification feature allows facilities departments to send real-time internal notifications about office renovations, bathroom closures, parking lot construction, and office closures. By delivering timely alerts directly to staff and other relevant parties, GOGov ensures that everyone is informed about facility updates and disruptions. This proactive communication minimizes confusion and helps staff plan accordingly, maintaining productivity and satisfaction.
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Citizen Notifications
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Challenge: Receive and Route Requests from Maintenance Around the Municipality
Delays in addressing requests can lead to operational inefficiencies and deteriorating facility conditions
Managing maintenance requests from various municipal departments can be a daunting task without a streamlined system. Delays in addressing these requests can lead to operational inefficiencies and deteriorating facility conditions.

GOGov’s Citizen Requests/311 module provides a centralized platform for facilities departments to receive and route internal maintenance requests. Staff can easily submit requests for repairs, maintenance, or other facility-related issues through the mobile app or web portal. The system ensures that these requests are promptly directed to the appropriate personnel, improving response times and the overall efficiency of maintenance operations. With GOGov, facilities departments can maintain a high standard of care for municipal buildings and public spaces, ensuring they remain safe and functional for all users.
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Citizen Requests/311
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