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App Promotion: Five Press Release Ideas to Promote your App

In the digital age, leveraging the power of press releases can significantly boost the visibility and adoption of your local government branded mobile app. Communication officers and government officials play a crucial role in ensuring that the community stays informed and engaged. Here's how press releases can be strategically used for various milestones:

1. New App Launch: Creating Buzz and Excitement

A well-crafted press release is essential for announcing the launch of your new local government app. Use this opportunity to highlight the features, benefits, and how the app will enhance citizen engagement. The press release serves as a formal introduction to the community, generating curiosity and excitement around the latest technological advancement in local governance.

2. Upcoming Election: Empowering Citizens with Information

2024 is an important election year and citizens need to stay in the know when it comes to voting information. With Citizen Notifications, municipalities can engage residents by communicating voting locations, voter registration deadlines and more. By proactively communicating election-related updates, you empower citizens to participate in the democratic process, fostering a sense of civic duty and engagement.

3. Anniversary of App Launch: Celebrating Milestones and Progress

Celebrating the app's anniversary through a press release is an excellent way to showcase the impact and success it has had on the community. Highlight key achievements, user statistics, and improvements made over the year. This not only acknowledges the app's contribution but also reinforces its importance in enhancing citizen-government interaction.

4. Major App Milestone - 100th Notification Sent or 200th Service Request Completed

Milestones like the 100th notification sent or 200 service requests solved are opportunities to demonstrate the app's effectiveness. Craft a press release to communicate these achievements, emphasizing the tangible benefits for residents. This not only showcases the app's continuous improvement but also reinforces its role in addressing community needs.

5. Before or After a Storm - Critical Communication in Crisis

Utilizing the app to convey such critical information ensures public safety and underscores the app's value as a reliable communication platform during storms Craft a press release before a storm hits to let residents know to download the your local government branded mobile app for the latest closings, alerts, road conditions and more. Or issue a press release after the storm and let residents know where they can find information about storm clean-up, openings, trash pick-up or submit service requests using Citizen Requests Management for any storm damage around the area. The municipality branded mobile app becomes a powerful tool in emphasizing the local government's commitment to keeping citizens safe and informed through innovative technological solutions.

Continued Local Government Mobile App Promotion

Press releases are a versatile tool for local governments to promote their branded mobile app. By strategically utilizing them for key events and milestones, communication officers can amplify the app's reach, strengthen community engagement, and establish the local government as a reliable source of information. Did you know GOGov offers marketing resources to help you market and promote your app? Contact us to to schedule a meeting to learn more.

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