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City of Hudson launches citizen engagement app

The city of Hudson has announced the launch of their citizen engagement app, Hudson Hub. The app will allow citizens to access information and communicate with multiple departments across the city.

Hudson Hub will offer a centralized location for news, public service interruptions, important updates and events going on in the city. App users will be also be able to report various needs for improvement, such as alerting officials to damages like potholes and broken fire hydrants.

“Effective and clear communication with residents has always been a pain point for the city’s administration,” says Mayor Kamal Johnson. “The Hudson Hub app will help City Hall reach people much more directly and quickly, particularly in situations that impact the health and safety of residents.”

Ryan Wallace, Minority Leader and 3rd Ward Councilmember added that “Providing access to key information about alternate side of the street parking, effectively communicating key issues like water main breaks or snow removal emergencies via mobile – where people spend most of their time today – will greatly reduce reliance on antiquated methods. We hope also to foster better engagement by giving residents the ability to join and participate in meetings with a simple click right from their phone.”

The free app is available for download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Read the full story at WTEN-TV, News 10:

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