Kearny, AZ selects GOGov for Code Enforcement

Kearny, AZ is excited to partner with GOGov for Code Enforcement. The city is eager to implement online requests and use the reporting capabilities built into GOGov Code Enforcement.

With Code Enforcement powered by GOGov, Kearny will:

  • Simplify case management
  • Gather online requests from citizens
  • Access insights from advanced reporting
  • And more...

About Kearny, AZ

Kearny, located in eastern Pinal County, is also one of the county's most unique towns. The Town is a planned community, with most streets elegantly lined with trees, and many houses have similar, yet inviting and unique construction. Properties are available for immediate occupation.

The Town has many amenities, including a grocery store, hardware store, auto parts store, banking, ATM machines, pharmacy, and medical facilities. Kearny is equidistant to Phoenix and Tucson, approximately 1 1/2 hours away, however, the Phoenix metro area is easily accessed with a short hour drive. Kearny is also 30 minutes away from Globe, southern Gila County's largest city.

Along with the friendly ambiance, Kearny is nestled at the base of the Pinal Mountain Range. The location provides prime opportunities for some of the best outdoor recreation in the State. Kearny has even developed an ATV, hiking, horseback, and picnic trail to help facilitate safe outdoor recreation, also known as "eco-tourism."

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