Municipal Clerks Week - How local Municipal Clerks can benefit from online permitting software?

Clerks are often some of the unsung heroes in local government and this week we honor them with Municipal Clerks week. The first of our three part blog series talks about how online permitting software can help make a municipal clerks job a little easier!

Municipal clerks are responsible for managing various administrative tasks within local governments, including the permitting process. Permitting is a critical function of local government as it ensures that businesses and individuals comply with local regulations and standards. However, managing the permitting process manually can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. This is where online permitting software can be incredibly beneficial for municipal clerks. In this blog post, we will explore how local municipal clerks can benefit from online permitting software.

Streamlined Process

Online permitting software streamlines the permitting process by providing a central platform for applicants to apply for permits, and for clerks to manage the application and approval process. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. With online permitting software, clerks can review applications quickly and efficiently, reducing the time required for approval. This ensures that permits are issued promptly, allowing businesses and individuals to proceed with their plans without delay.

Improved Customer Service

Online permitting software also improves customer service by providing applicants with a convenient and user-friendly interface to apply for permits. This reduces the need for applicants to visit the municipal office in person, saving them time and effort. Additionally, online permitting software can provide applicants with real-time updates on the status of their application, providing greater transparency and reducing frustration. This improved customer service can enhance the reputation of the municipal government and encourage continued engagement from the community.

Increased Efficiency

Online permitting software can increase the efficiency of the permitting process by automating many tasks that were previously done manually. This includes tasks such as data entry, record-keeping, and communication with applicants. By automating these tasks, clerks can free up time and resources that can be used to focus on more complex and strategic tasks. This can lead to a more efficient and effective municipal government that can better serve the needs of the community.

Improved Data Management

Online permitting software provides clerks with improved data management capabilities. The software can generate reports on the volume and type of permits issued, enabling clerks to make data-driven decisions for resource allocation and service improvements. Additionally, the software can provide clerks with real-time information on the status of permits, allowing them to identify and address any issues promptly. This improved data management can lead to a more efficient and effective municipal government that is better equipped to respond to the needs of the community.

In conclusion, online permitting software can provide significant benefits for municipal clerks and the communities they serve. By streamlining the permitting process, improving customer service, increasing efficiency, and improving data management capabilities, online permitting software can help clerks better manage the permitting process and provide better service to their communities. As technology continues to advance, municipal governments must embrace these tools to better serve their citizens and communities. Start seeing the benefiots today and schedule a demo to see how GOGov Permitting and Licensing can help your local municaplity today.

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