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Promote your New Citizen Engagement App

Mobile apps are designed to increase efficiency and improve citizen engagement but will ultimately struggle to succeed if your citizens are unaware of it. This means it is critical to promote your app to your citizens at the initial launch and continue to promote it ongoing to ensure citizens download your app.

Don't just take our word for it; here are a few examples of some of our customer's promotional campaigns:

Share on your social media pages

The most effective way to launch your app and get more app downloads is by sharing your app on social media. Most agencies already have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media pages that citizens follow.

We recommend sending out a social media post when the app launches, a few days later, and at least once a month for the first six months to continue to promote your app!

Social Media Example
Social Media Example
Social Media Example - Twitter

Create a Video Announcement

Video is an excellent form of communication; in fact, studies show that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand they support (HubSpot). You can create a video, share it on social media pages and your website, and send it out to local news agencies.

We have seen the most success when a Mayor, City Manager, or Council Member makes a 30 – 90 second video announcing the app, where to download the app, and a brief explanation of what the app does. The press release should be short and simple!

Create an announcement for your website and/or Newsletter

Your website is an excellent resource for your citizens. Most websites have some news or blog area where citizens go to catch up on the latest happenings in the community. Just add a short article announcing the launch of the new app and a brief description of what it does with links to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Make sure to feature the announcement on your homepage, so it makes the most impact possible!

And if you have a newsletter that goes out to citizens via email or postal service, make sure to add the article to that as well.

Evesham, NJ Website Announcement for "Evesham Connect" App

Press Release

Launching an app for your community is big news. And getting featured in local news publications can help spread awareness in your community. Create a press release announcing your app with links to download the app and send it to all your local news contacts. Make sure to include pictures as well! Here is an example from Marco Island, FL.

Marco Island Press Release - My Marco

Create Flyers for City Hall and other Municipal Buildings

Your citizens still visit city hall and other municipal buildings regularly, whether to conduct business or for local events. Create printed flyers with a picture of the app, a brief description, and a QR code, so citizens can quickly scan the QR code and download the app. Print out copies and hang them around city hall or distribute them at local events and meetings.

Flyer Example

Email Signatures

This is one of the simpler ones and can be very effective! City officials send emails directly to citizens daily. Make sure to include a link to your app in your email signature. This way, you will keep your app in front of your citizens whenever you send an email.

Email Signature example - With Download Links

Send a Post Card

Did you know direct mail marketing is thriving? Companies like Google and Microsoft still use direct mail to attract new business. Direct mail is read more often than email among all age groups, and 71% of all consumers are excited to discover what the mail brings daily (USPS).

When designing a postcard to promote your app, ensure you include pictures of your app, a short description of what the app does, and a QR code to make it easy for your citizens to download the app. As a bonus, you can print more copies of your Postcard and hand them out at local events and meetings.

Postcard Example - Back

Social Media Advertising

Did you know you can use social media platforms to target your citizens by geography, age group, and other attributes? Turn your social media posts into ads to ensure you reach all your citizens on social media. When creating an advertising campaign, you can set any budget to spend as little as $50 a month or $1000 a week. And make sure you have an image of your app and a link to download the app in your ad.

Facebook Advertising Example - "My Defiance"

Other app promotion ideas:

• Create an email campaign for citizens

• Add an article to your newsletter

• Stuffers in water and electric bills

• Pop up on your website

• Signs at city hall, parks, and trails

Promote your app!

These are just a few successful examples of app promotion from our customers. The most important thing is to ensure you promote your app and reach as many citizens as possible. Learn more about Mobile Apps from GOGov and schedule a demo.

Did you know we have templates to help you launch your app? Contact us to learn more.

Do you have any other app promotion success stories? Feel free to reach out to us and share your story!

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