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City of Sparks, NV launches new interactive app for residents

The City of Sparks recently launched a new mobile app called My Sparks, which streamlines the process for residents to put in service requests (like alerting the city to potholes, graffiti, or abandoned cars), receive notifications, and easily access the most highly requested information.

The My Sparks app is free and easy to download through the Apple Store or Google Play store, and within seconds you can start a service request, access the phone director, view the event calendar, job opportunities, access city council meeting agendas, and more. You can even pay your sewer bill with a few simple clicks.

“The My Sparks app allows residents to have a direct line of communication to request services and report issues such as potholes, graffiti, and more,” City of Sparks Mayor Ed Lawson said about the app. “It’s also a great source of information with links to the city website, news, and ongoing events.”

Before the app went live, residents could call the city or visit the website to put in their request, but this is a more streamlined way of communication as it allows people to reach the right department directly, thus giving the city to take care of their issue more quickly.

Read the full article at the Sparks Tribune:

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