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Clay County, FL Consolidates Services to a Single Touchpoint with a new mobile app and platform, Clay Connected, powered by GOGov

A new mobile app launched in Clay County, Fla., offers constituents an improved digital government experience.

The app, called Clay Connected, was launched at the end of November to provide residents with an efficient way to get information, request services and report problems.

State and local government agencies in the past decade have begun turning to mobile applications as a way to offer a smoother customer experience for digital services. An improved digital government experience, something that has become more critical through the COVID-19 pandemic, can be a way to build public trust and make services more accessible.

According to the county’s Communications Director Laura Christmas, the app and its corresponding online platform were created to centralize processes of reporting issues, which previously differed by individual department.

“We wanted to launch this app and the corresponding online platform to give residents just one more way to be able to report issues, get information and let us know of any needs they might have regarding our services,” Christmas stated.

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