10 Compelling Statistics That Prove Local Governments Must Embrace Mobile Apps

In today's fast-paced digital age, local governments are under increasing pressure to meet the evolving needs of their citizens. The demand for accessible and efficient communication channels has never been greater. One solution that's been gaining traction across all age groups is mobile apps. In this blog post, we'll explore 10 statistics that clearly demonstrate the strong desire among citizens for their local governments to adopt mobile apps for notifications, citizen requests, alerts, and more. If you're a decision-maker at a local government municipality, these numbers should serve as a powerful motivator to embrace this technological trend.

95% of Americans Own a Mobile Device

According to Pew Research, 95% of Americans own a mobile phone of some kind, making it the most common communication device across all demographics. This underscores the importance of mobile apps in reaching citizens of all ages. At GOGov, we understand the significance of mobile devices. That's why our Citizen Notification system ensures that your citizens can receive vital updates, right on their smartphones.

70% of Citizens Prefer Mobile Apps for Government Interactions

A study by Deloitte found that 70% of citizens would prefer to interact with local governments through mobile apps, highlighting the strong preference for this channel. GOGov's Citizen Requests feature makes it easy for citizens to report issues, provide feedback, and engage with local government, all through a user-friendly, efficient mobile app.

88% of Millennials Prefer Mobile Engagement

For the younger demographic, Pew Research reported that 88% of millennials (ages 18-34) own smartphones, making mobile apps the ideal way to engage with this tech-savvy generation. GOGov's Branded Mobile App is designed with millennials in mind, offering a sleek, intuitive interface that keeps them engaged and informed.

60% of Seniors Use Mobile Apps

Contrary to common misconceptions, a study by the AARP revealed that 60% of seniors (ages 65+) use mobile apps. This statistic showcases the potential for mobile apps to reach even the older segments of the population. Seniors are a vital demographic in our communities. GOGov's user-friendly mobile app caters to their preferences, ensuring they stay connected and informed.

72% Increase in Citizen Satisfaction

A study conducted by the National League of Cities found that cities that implement mobile apps for citizen engagement experience a 72% increase in overall satisfaction among residents. GOGov's solutions are proven to boost citizen satisfaction, enhancing the trust between local governments and their residents.

25% Faster Response Times

Local governments that have adopted mobile apps for citizen requests and alerts have reported a 25% reduction in response times, demonstrating the efficiency these apps can bring to public services. With GOGov's streamlined systems, you can provide rapid responses to citizen requests and alerts, achieving efficiency that is second to none.

32% Reduction in Administrative Costs

The same study by the National League of Cities found that mobile app adoption led to a 32% reduction in administrative costs, thanks to streamlined communication and reduced paperwork. GOGov's solutions cut through red tape, reducing administrative costs while boosting productivity.

84% of Citizens Want Real-Time Alerts

In a survey by Accenture, 84% of citizens expressed their desire for real-time alerts and notifications from local governments, showing the need for timely information during emergencies or public events. Our Citizen Notification system ensures that real-time alerts and critical information reach your citizens promptly, satisfying their desire for timely updates.

67% of Citizen Requests Handled Electronically

Mobile apps streamline the process of handling citizen requests. A report by GovTech Magazine states that 67% of citizen requests are handled electronically through these apps, saving time and resources. GOGov's digital solutions enable local governments to handle a significant percentage of citizen requests electronically, saving valuable time and resources.

75% Increase in Staff Efficiency

Local governments that have adopted mobile apps for internal communication and task management have reported a 75% increase in staff efficiency, leading to more effective and responsive public services. GOGov's digital tools are a game-changer for local government staff, with many of our customers leading to a substantial boost in efficiency.

Embrace Innovation and choose GOGov

These statistics underscore the undeniable demand for digital solutions among citizens and the profound benefits that GOGov can bring to local governments. Our Citizen Notifications, Citizen Requests Management & 311, and Branded Mobile App are tailored to meet the unique needs of local government municipalities. By implementing GOGov's digital solutions, you can bridge the gap between diverse age groups, enhance citizen satisfaction, streamline operations, and reduce costs. The digital shift is here, and GOGov is ready to help local governments better serve their residents, enriching the quality of life within their communities in the 21st century. Schedule a demo with our team to learn more.

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