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McAlester’s new app helps

A new user-friendly app helps citizens submit city service requests — and city crews can address issues more efficiently.

The city of McAlester recently launched McAlester Connect, a new cell phone app through GOGov that helps citizens report myriad issues and get them resolved quickly.

Officials said a user recently reported a pothole on the app and city crews were able to fix it within four hours.

This is one example of how the app can help citizens report issues that need to be addressed through city services.

McAlester Connect simplifies the process of submitting service requests for reporting a pothole, graffiti, or any other non-emergency issue.

Residents can use the app instead of making phone calls or visiting city offices in person. It takes just a few taps on a smartphone to submit a service request anytime, anywhere — making the process more efficient for citizens submitting reports and for city officials to address concerns. McAlester Connect is a one-stop solution for accessing vital information about McAlester. It includes a wide range of resources, including city news, upcoming events, local services, and contact information for various departments.

The app also includes road closure notifications, community announcements, and news from the city. McAlester Connect offers a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. The app’s sleek design ensures a seamless experience for users of all ages and technological backgrounds. Citizens also receive real-time updates on the status of their service requests. Users can also receive alerts and updates on their phone as a notification from the app.

This new app brings the city of McAlester into the modern era with a user-friendly interface that makes reporting issues faster and easier for citizens — and it ensures the city gets notifications and can address issues more efficiently. McAlester residents can download the app for free on both Android and iOS platforms. We encourage citizens to give it a try because it can help our city move forward faster. Read the full article at McAlester News-Capital:

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