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GOGov Introduces Online Permitting

Online Permitting from GOGov is a user friendly solution for managing your permitting needs. Do more permits in less time with our new simple, user-friendly permit software.

CITIZENS: Get What You Need Fast with Online Permitting from GOGov

  • Apply & Pay Online - Apply for any type of Permit, Licenses or Registration offered by your town or city and quickly get approved and pay online.
  • Renewals Simplified - Receive email notifications and easily renew and pay online.
  • Citizen Dashboard - See all your applications and permits in one place to easily download and renew or check the status.
  • branded mobile app
  • Mobile Ready - Apply from anywhere using your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. Responsive design makes it easy for citizens to apply from anywhere.

STAFF: Permitting Simplified with Online Permitting from GOGov

  • Track & Manage Permits and Renewals - Easily search and view all Applications and permits and their status. Automated reminders allow citizens to easily renew and pay without involving staff.
  • Workflows - Setup approval processes and loop in other staff to review and approve applications.
  • Collaborate with Applicant - Send & receive messages to applicants when necessary and have your entire conversation captured on the application.
  • Dynamic Fee Calculation - Setup fee schedules to automatically calculate the proper fees based on the application information and reduce mistakes.

MANAGERS: Do More Permits in Less Time with Online Permitting from GOGov

  • Increase Revenue - Increase your Permit Revenue by making it easy for citizens and automating the renewal process.
  • Finance Friendly - Reconcile Payments with your Financial software (ERP) using reports
  • Agency Wide - Standardize the way all your departments manage permits and renewals to increase revenue across the board.
  • Easy Setup - No need for consultants or expensive implementations … get started with one or all your departments and expand anytime you need.

No Upfront Fees or Startup Costs with GOGov

We try to earn your business every single day and so we will start by doing the heavy lifting to get you started.  Everything you need to setup your mobile app,  list of request types, reports and most importantly train your staff - Its All Included!

Support and Training You Will Love with GOGov

Our goal is to make you love our company at every encounter.  We have a mature process and experienced staff that will be able to provide expert advise and assistance every step of the way.

  • Expert Advise - providing analysis of your service codes, letters, notices, documents and processes using industry best practices to make your job as easy as possible.
  • Project Management - your dedicated project manager will track and monitor your progress throughout the project.
  • Configuring your permits and licenses, defining data imports, customizing fields and forms, creating templates, customizing reports and more.
  • Training Library - As we train you, we will produce a library of videos and documents specific to your agency.  These videos can be used for onboarding future staff or just going back to get a refresher on more advanced stuff.  But don’t worry - we are always willing to give additional training as you need it.
  • Staff Training is our favorite part because we know you are going to love what you see and how easy it is to use.  When we hear “oooh’s” and “aaah’s” then we know we are doing our job.‍

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