Be Prepared for Wildfire Season

It’s Wildfire season again for citizens on the Western part of the United States. And so far, 2021 has brought quite a dry season to parts of the west. What does an expansive springtime drought mean for wild fire season? According to AccuWeather, an ominous outlook.

The significant lack of precipitation in recent months has set the stage for a dangerous season ahead, with more than 75% of the western United States experiencing drought conditions, 21% of which is under exceptional drought, which is the most extreme level, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

After a record-smashing wildfire season in 2020, many across the western U.S. are still putting the pieces of their lives back together as the 2021 season is getting underway.

The dangerously dry conditions will play a crucial role in wildfire activity potentially consuming millions of acres this season, which unofficially runs from May to October each year.

Citizen Wildfire Prevention Tips
  • Never leave a fire unattended. Be sure any fire you created is out completely before sleeping or leaving a campsite.
  • f you build a fire, extinguish it completely by dousing it with water or stirring the ashes until they are cold.
  • Use caution when using fueling lanterns, heaters, and stoves, especially while camping. Make sure heating and lighting devices are cool before refueling, and take care not to spill flammable liquids nearby.
  • Never discard a cigarette or a match from a moving vehicle or inside a park. Ensure cigarettes are extinguished completely before disposing of them.
  • Refer to your municipality’s ordinances when burning yard waste. Do not burn debris in your backyard during windy conditions. Keep water, a shovel, and a fire extinguisher nearby in case a fire starts to grow out of control. Refer to your local government website for local yard waste burning regulations.
  •  If you notice an unattended, or out-of-control fire, call 911, or contact your local fire department or park service immediately.
Be Prepared with GOGov

Citizens are looking for important updates and timely communication from Government agencies during Wildfire season. Push critical content to your citizens on all your important channels from the start of the event all the way through the recovery efforts with Citizen Notifications from GOGov.

-       “Prepare to evacuate” notices

-       Evacuation orders & instructions

-       Information on shelters & resources

-       Progress updates on wildfire containment

-       "Safe to Return" updates

Schedule a demo today to see Citizen Notifications in action!

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