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City officials offering new app for Parkersburg residents to stay connected

The City of Parkersburg has unveiled its new “PKB-Connect” app powered by GOGov. The app is available for free on Apple and Android phones.

It allows people to engage with city officials about anything happening in the area. This includes emailing members of city council, employment opportunities and letting officials know of any issues.

Parkersburg development director, Ryan Barber said the app is available at all times for residents to use.

Yeah, it’s really great. Because it allows residents to address an issue that they’re experiencing in the moment,” Barber said. “It’s available 24/7. So, if they have an issue outside of traditional business hours. So, if they’re walking in a park and they see a streetlight out or some other concern, they can go ahead and take a photo of it and snap it. And the app will actually tag the exact G.P.S. coordinates of where that issue is occurring. And city personnel will see that and be able to respond in a much quicker and more accurate manner.

Barber said whenever you submit a question on the app, it will be sent to the right person instantly. He adds public works and the code enforcement division worked over the last several months to get the app out to the public.

If anyone has questions about downloading the app, there will be a workshop on the fourth floor of the city building. That workshop will happen from July 10-14 from 10 to 11 a.m.

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