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GOGov Customer Spotlight: City of Manor, Texas

Nestled within Travis County just 12 miles northeast of Austin, Manor, Texas, emerges as a rapidly growing city with a population of 21,000. Boasting a blend of suburban tranquility and urban accessibility, Manor attracts young families seeking proximity to Austin's vibrant opportunities. As a new and evolving city, Manor has witnessed significant transformations in recent years, marked by a proactive city council committed to enhancing the community's quality of life. This forward-looking approach has spurred notable initiatives, including the development of a modern city hall library complex and improved transportation infrastructure. However, Manor faced challenges in streamlining its digital infrastructure, prompting the integration of GOGov's Citizen Requests/311 and Citizen Notifications products.

About Manor, TX

Manor, Texas, nestled within Travis County just 12 miles northeast of Austin, is a rapidly growing city with a population of 21,000. It attracts young families from central Texas and beyond due to its proximity to Austin, offering both suburban tranquility and easy access to urban amenities. Many Manor residents commute to Austin for work, drawn by the city's opportunities while appreciating Manor's home prices compared to Austin. Since Manor is a new and growing city, most residents have moved there in the last 15 years.

Manor is a standout destination to call home, characterized by its rapid growth and evolving landscape. Over the past four years, the city's council has undergone a notable transformation, marked by the appointment of a proactive new city manager committed to enhancing the community's quality of life. This forward-looking approach is driving significant initiatives, including the development of a modern city hall library complex, fostering better economic prospects, enhancing transportation infrastructure, and acquiring parklands for recreational and entertainment purposes. These endeavors collectively reflect Manor's dedication to progress and the well-being of its residents, promising a brighter and more vibrant future for all who call it home.

What was the challenge that led Manor to GOGov?

Manor is undergoing a transformation in its digital infrastructure, prioritizing the enhancement of its online presence. Before integrating GOGov's Citizen Requests/311 and Citizen Notifications products, the city's communication channels were not as user-friendly. Residents often had to resort to making calls or sending emails to city employees, navigating through uncertainty as to whether their concerns would reach the appropriate personnel for resolution. The objective was to streamline the system, making it accessible for the public while facilitating efficient responses from city staff. Citizen Requests/311 emerged as the ideal solution for Manor, providing a seamless platform for residents to submit and track requests. Additionally, with Citizen Notifications, Manor can directly send notifications to their citizens, informing them of news and information about Manor.

How is Manor using GOGov Today?

“My Manor”, Manor’s branded mobile app, powered by GOGov allows citizens to submit service requests and receive direct notifications via app. Behind the scenes, Manor’s police department utilizes the features of Citizen Requests/311 to tackle code enforcement issues swiftly and effectively. Officers find great convenience in capturing evidence with photos and precise location pins, ensuring prompt action. Code enforcement officers are instantly notified via email, enabling them to address concerns with speed and precision. Residents can also utilize Citizen Requests/311 to voice their concerns and contribute to the betterment of their neighborhoods.

“Police are using Citizen Requests/311 a lot to notify our code enforcement officer about cars that are essentially abandoned or illegally parked in a manner that is a code enforcement issue, not a police issue. So, our officers really do enjoy being able to take a picture of this vehicle, drop a pin where it's located and then automatically our code enforcement guy gets an e-mail about it. Police don't have to remember where the vehicle was or sit down and write an e-mail about the issue. It makes it easy for them.” Scott Dunlop - Development Services Director

Citizen Notifications is frequently used by Manor employees to send out important messages to residents. Most recently, freezing weather hit Texas and updates were sent out on “My Manor”. Additionally, Manor has a lot of events going on in the community, so notifications related to events are sent out as well. Manor has also sent information out on bond elections for the City Hall Library and Rec Center, as well as voting information.

Future Plans for Manor

Manor plans to continue using Citizen Requests/311 and use the notifications side of “My Manor” to assist in their digital rebranding. So far, surveys have been sent out via notifications to gather information for their rebranding and gather feedback from residents. Additionally, Manor plans to spread information to the public on bonds that are passed for the City Hall Library and Rec center, so that decisions can be made when citizens vote. As the rebranding project grows, the app will be a big part of the digital presence in Manor.

Advice for those considering GOGov

Scott Dunlop, Manor City’s Development Services Director, expressed that GOGov products have been “really helpful” to the city and encourages municipalities that do not have a system for code enforcement reporting and notifications, to look into GOGov.

“By switching to the GOGov solution, it was putting it out there that there's a much simpler process to report problems and access follow up on our side. We're closing out projects with reasons and you know they're sort of getting that loop closed and making sure that the public can not only report to us issues, but also be satisfied in our response to them.” Scott Dunlop - Development Services Director

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GOGov is committed to helping municipalities and local governments enhance community engagement, streamline operations, and foster transparent communication. Our partnership with Manor. TX demonstrates the potential of our solutions to make a meaningful impact on cities of all sizes, and our continued efforts to improve and innovate further.  

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