Introducing Citizen Notifications

Citizen Notifications from GOGov is a user-friendly solution for creating & sending communications of all varieties to your citizens across multiple channels! Coupled with an agency branded mobile app, Citizen Notifications makes it easy for citizens and government to communicate more efficiently and effectively!

Communications in the Palm of Citizen’s Hands

  • Branded Mobile App serves as one place to access all notifications and important information directly from your local municipality
  • Subscription Lists allow for citizens to sign up for the types of notifications that they want to receive
  • Direct Notifications ensure that content is delivered directly to citizens devices so that no important updates are missed
  • Get more information and start a dialogue with agency staff by replying to a notification (requires GOGov CRM)

Keep Citizens Informed

As a staff & management team, keeping citizens informed can be a challenge. Citizen Notifications from GOGov includes some awesome features to help with this process:

  • Send Alerts & Emergency Notifications directly to citizens
  • Send Targeted Content by using Subscription Groups that you can define & select when sending out a message
  • Use our Message Editor to easily create detailed & stylish communications that include pictures, formatting, links to videos, documents and other content.
  • For Create Once, Publish Everywhere with Multi Channel Publishing that allows you to push content to the most vital channels including Mobile, Email, Twitter, Facebook & Website.
  • Enable 2-Way Communication that would allow you to choose if citizens can reply to a specific message, leveraging our CRM Module that ensures no questions go unanswered.

All of your Communication Needs in One Spot

Why limit yourself to emergency communications when you could send anything that you want?

  • Road Closure
  • Events
  • Storm Warnings
  • Boil Water Advisory
  • Emergency Alerts
  • School Closings

Vital City Information at Citizen’s Fingertips

The branded app includes applets, which are important pieces of information that you can put right at your Citizen’s finger tips. Commonly that information includes:

  • Important Phone Numbers
  • Elected Official’s Names & Bios
  • Local Places
  • Social Media Pages
  • Website Content

Learn more about Citizen Notifications and schedule a demo today.

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