New Haven, MI Launches New Mobile App, My New Haven MI

New Haven has launched Citizen Notifications and a new mobile app, My New Haven MI, developed by GOGov. Citizen Notifications allows New Haven to easily connect with residents through a mobile app. The app also enables residents to connect with New Haven and is available for download in the App Store and Google Play online stores.

In the app, residents will find:

  • Links to the website
  • News & updates
  • Job opportunities
  • Ongoing events
  • And more...
About New Haven, MI

New Haven's rich history is part of what makes it a lovely, modern place to live today. First settled by French explorers in 1835, the town became a frequent visiting place for the likes of Thomas Edison and, later, famous actors such as Mickey Rooney.

The village started with very humble beginnings - its original inhabitants totaled a mere 413 people and the town's only major feature was its railroad station. Now more than 175 years later, it has grown to a population of more 5,000 and offers many assets including a friendly school district, community gathering areas, many attractive subdivisions and a hub of industry with access to nearby thoroughfares. New Haven is an attractive place to be - for a day or a lifetime.

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