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Stockton, CA launches new "Ask Stockton" Mobile App

There are now new and improved ways to keep in-touch with the City of Stockton. The popular “Ask Stockton” customer response management system now has its own unique app powered by GOGov, available in mobile service provider App Stores, both Apple and Google.

Ask Stockton – Ask Stockton is a service that provides an online resource for frequently asked questions and answers about the City of Stockton. Requests submitted through Ask Stockton flow directly to the appropriate City of Stockton department to address your specific questions and requests. The new Ask Stockton mobile app version is dedicated to the City of Stockton. Visit your mobile app store and search on “Ask Stockton.” You will recognize the iconic downtown waterfront scene, City logo, along with the words, “Ask Stockton.” Listed in the app are links to the most frequently visited City of Stockton webpages, a button to make a request, access to check the status of your request, or upload a photo to submit with your request.

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