The Town of Barnstable, MA Launches New Citizen Notifications Mobile App

Barnstable has launched Citizen Notifications and a new mobile app, My Barnstable, developed by GOGov. Citizen Notifications allows Barnstable to easily connect with residents through a mobile app. The app also enables residents to connect with Barnstable and is available for download in the App Store and Google Play online stores.

In the app, residents will find:

  • Links to the website
  • News & updates
  • Job opportunities
  • Ongoing events
  • And more...

About Barnstable, MA

Barnstable is famous for one of Cape Cod's most dramatic and beautiful barrier beaches—eight-mile long Sandy Neck Beach on Cape Cod Bay. The beach and its dunes protect the 8,000-acre Great Marsh, a great place to canoe at high tide and there espy the beautiful Blue Heron which feed on the Marsh's indigenous life.

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