What are the top priorities for local government technology in 2023?

The field of local government technology is constantly evolving, and new trends and priorities are likely to emerge in 2023. However, based on current trends and challenges, here are a few areas that local governments may prioritize in the coming year:

Digital Services: With more and more citizens expecting to access services online, local governments will prioritize implementing digital services that meet the needs of citizens. This could include the deployment of self-service portals, chatbots, and mobile apps that provide citizens with access to information and services 24/7.

Smart Cities: As technology advancements continue, many local governments will continue to invest in smart city initiatives, which involve using sensors, data analysis, and other technologies to improve the delivery of city services and create more livable communities. For example, local governments use data to optimize traffic flow, reduce energy consumption, and enhance public safety.

Cybersecurity: As local governments rely increasingly on technology to deliver services and manage information, protecting data and systems from cyber threats will continue to be a top priority in 2023. Local governments will focus on improving their cybersecurity strategies, including implementing robust incident response plans and training staff on best practices for data security.

Cloud Computing: In recent years, more and more local governments have been moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud, which can help to reduce costs, increase efficiency,

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