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Customer Promotion Spotlight: Camden, NJ promotes new "My Camden NJ" mobile app to citizens

Promoting your new municipality branded mobile app to your citizens is important to the ongoing success of your new app. There are lots of different promotion and marketing channels out there and we are happy to share a recently example of a customer using multiple channels of communication to launch thier new app powered by GOGov.

Exciting news, Camden, NJ! The city has just launched the "My Camden NJ" mobile app powered by GOGov, bringing a new level of convenience and engagement to its residents. This innovative app is designed to keep citizens connected with their local government and enhance their overall experience of living in Camden. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the various ways Camden has promoted the app, ensuring that every resident has the opportunity to benefit from this exciting technological advancement.

Social Media Buzz

Camden took to social media platforms, including Twitter, to create a buzz around the "My Camden NJ" app launch. The official City of Camden Twitter account shared updates and sneak peeks of the app's features, generating excitement and anticipation among the community.

Press Conference and Media Coverage

To make a grand announcement, Camden organized a press conference, inviting local media outlets to attend and witness the unveiling of the "My Camden NJ" app. News sources like TapInto Camden and ROI-NJ covered the event, spreading the word about this new and convenient tool for Camden residents.

Printed Materials and Direct Mail

Recognizing the importance of reaching all residents, Camden distributed printed materials to inform citizens about the app. Flyers, brochures, and postcards were strategically placed in community centers, libraries, and local businesses to ensure widespread awareness.

Collaboration with Community Leaders

Camden engaged community leaders and influencers to champion the app and promote its benefits. By partnering with local organizations, neighborhood associations, and influential figures, the city expanded its reach and encouraged residents to embrace the app as a valuable resource.

Engaging Website and Online Resources

The city's official website played a crucial role in promoting the "My Camden NJ" app. A dedicated webpage was created, providing detailed information about the app's features, benefits, and download instructions. Online resources, such as FAQs and video tutorials, were also made available to guide users through the app's functionalities.

Public Service Announcements

Camden leveraged public service announcements to ensure maximum visibility for the "My Camden NJ" app. These announcements highlighted the app's key features, emphasizing its ability to improve citizen-government communication and enhance daily life in the city.

Download "My Camden NJ" Today

With the launch of the "My Camden NJ" mobile app, Camden has taken a giant leap forward in fostering citizen engagement and delivering efficient services to its residents. Through a well-coordinated promotional campaign that encompassed social media, press conferences, printed materials, and collaboration with community leaders, Camden has successfully introduced this powerful tool to the community. The app provides residents with instant access to important information, convenient service requests, and real-time updates, making Camden a more connected and responsive city.

To experience the benefits of the "My Camden NJ" app for yourself, visit the official Camden website and follow the simple download instructions. Stay connected, stay engaged, and embrace the future of citizen-government interaction with the "My Camden NJ" app! Interested in a mobile app for your municipality? Schedule a demo today.

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