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Promoting your local municipality app to senior citizens

So you now have a mobile app or are interested in getting one for your local municipality. But an app is only effective if you have people that download it. App promotion is a critical piece of the process when it comes to getting a mobile app and promoting it to you citizens. But often, once the app is launched, muncipalaites forget to actually market the app to its citizens. Even more overlooked is promoting your app to senior citizens. While more and more senior citizens are becoming savvy in the social media world, it can still be difficult to reach them.

There are several reasons why a local municipality should promote their app to senior citizens:
  • Improved Access to Services: A local government app can provide senior citizens with improved access to a wide range of services, such as paying bills, renewing licenses, and accessing public transportation schedules. This can make it easier for seniors to access the services they need, and can help them stay informed about important updates and changes.
  • Increased Convenience: A local government app can provide seniors with a more convenient way to access government services and information. By using the app, they can avoid the need to visit government offices in person or make phone calls to access information.
  • Improved Communication: A local government app can improve communication between the municipality and senior citizens, helping to keep them informed about important updates and changes. Push notifications, for example, can provide real-time updates about road closures, emergency alerts, and other important information.
  • Enhanced Safety: A local government app can also help to enhance the safety of senior citizens by providing real-time information about weather alerts, traffic updates, and other important safety information.
  • Better Access to Information: The app can provide senior citizens with better access to information about local government services, community events, and other important information. This can help seniors stay informed about their community and stay connected with their neighbors.

By promoting their app to senior citizens, local municipalities can help seniors take advantage of the many benefits it provides and improve their quality of life.

How should we promote our app to senior citizens?

Promoting a municipality app to senior citizens can be a bit different from promoting it to other demographic groups. Here are some suggestions for promoting a municipality app to senior citizens:
  • Provide Hands-On Training: Offer hands-on training sessions for senior citizens at local community centers, senior centers, or libraries. Provide a step-by-step guide to using the app and answer any questions they may have.
  • Use Traditional Media: Many senior citizens may not be as tech-savvy as younger generations, so it may be helpful to promote the app through traditional media such as newspapers, radio, and television.
  • Partner with Local Organizations: Partner with local organizations that serve senior citizens, such as senior centers, to promote the app and provide information about its benefits.
  • Provide Technical Support: Provide technical support to senior citizens who are having trouble using the app. This could include a dedicated phone number or email address that they can contact for assistance.
  • Promote through Community Outreach: Attend local events, such as fairs or community festivals, to promote the app and provide information about its benefits to senior citizens.
  • Create Tutorial Videos: Create tutorial videos that demonstrate how to use the app and its features. Share these videos on social media and on the municipality's website.

By using a combination of these strategies, municipalities can effectively promote their app to senior citizens and help them take advantage of the many benefits it provides.

Did you know GOGov can help you market your app?

Our team creates custom marketing resources for all of our customers. These resources include social media graphics, print templates, press releases and more! Plus, we will provide best practices from other municipalities around the country who have successfully promoted thier apps.

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