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3 Fun Summer Promotion Ideas for Your Municipality Branded Mobile App

Promoting your municipality's mobile app is crucial for maximizing its impact on community engagement. With summer in full swing, there's no better time to harness the energy of local events and seasonal opportunities. Here are three creative ways to promote your municipality-branded mobile app from GOGov:

1. Leverage Summer Events: 4th of July Celebrations, Farmers Markets, and Parades

4th of July Celebrations
Independence Day events draw large crowds, making them ideal for promoting your app. Set up a booth at your local fireworks display or parade where residents can learn about the app's features and benefits. Offer fun incentives like a raffle entry for those who download the app on the spot. Highlight features like real-time updates and emergency notifications to show how the app enhances community safety and enjoyment of the festivities.

Farmers Markets
Farmers markets are bustling community hubs perfect for promoting your app. Collaborate with market organizers to set up a demonstration booth. Use interactive displays to show how residents can use the app to access market schedules, vendor lists, and other local services. Provide branded reusable bags or coupons for market purchases to those who download the app, creating a tangible link between the app and the community experience.

Parades are a visual and engaging way to get the word out. Include a float or a walking team in your next local parade, with participants wearing T-shirts that promote the app. Distribute flyers and promotional materials along the parade route. Use a QR code on banners and handouts that residents can scan to download the app instantly.

2. Social Media Campaigns: Shareable Content and Contests

Harness the power of social media to reach a broader audience. Create engaging and shareable content that highlights different app features. For example:

Feature Spotlights
Weekly feature spotlights can keep your audience engaged. Each week, highlight a different app feature with a short video or infographic. For example, showcase how to report a pothole, access event calendars, or use push notifications for emergency alerts. Encourage residents to share these posts and tag friends who might find the app useful.

Download Challenges
Run a download challenge with a fun and competitive edge. For example, set a goal for the number of new downloads within a month. If the community reaches the goal, the municipality can host a free summer concert or family fun day in the park. Keep the community updated on progress through social media and the app itself.

Important Milestones
Promote important milestones that show your residents the importance for using the app and service like Citizen Requests Management and Notifications.

3. Press Releases: Spotlight on Seasonal Relevance

Utilize local media to spread the word about your app's benefits, particularly during high-impact seasons like summer.

Summer is Pothole Season
Summer brings increased roadwork, including the dreaded pothole repairs. Issue a press release highlighting how residents can use the app to report potholes and other infrastructure issues directly to the municipal government. Emphasize the ease of use and the importance of community participation in maintaining safe and well-maintained roads. Tie in local statistics or stories about recent pothole repairs to make the release timely and relevant.

Local News Features
Pitch stories to local news outlets about the app’s community impact. Focus on real-life examples of how the app has helped residents stay informed, access services, or participate in community events. Highlight any positive feedback from residents and local leaders to build credibility and interest.

Promote your Local Government Branded app powered by GOGov

By integrating these fun and strategic promotion ideas into your summer plans, your municipality can increase awareness and adoption of your branded mobile app, enhancing community engagement and service delivery. Need help promoting your app? The GOGov team can help. We offer free marketing resources, templates and best practices to all of our customers. Contact our marketing team to learn more.

Promoting your municipality-branded mobile app effectively can drive significant engagement and provide real value to your community. Leverage these summer opportunities to showcase the app’s benefits and ensure residents are informed and connected. Interested in your own municipality branded mobile app? Schedule a demo with our team today.

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